Özge Subasi is an Assistant Professor at the College of Social Sciences and Humanities at Koç University. Her research is on co-creation of new services and designs with undervalued populations, based on fieldwork in community settings, usually with crafty artifacts.

Anton Fedosov is a Postdoctoral Researcher at People and Computing Lab at the University of Zurich in Switzerland. His research interests lie at the intersection of constructive design research and design supporting platforms and services for non-profit approaches to collaborative economies with a particular focus on interaction and user experience design. 

Oliver Bates is a Senior Research Associate at the School of Computing and Communications at Lancaster University (UK) and member of the worker cooperative Cetis. Motivated by issues of environmental and social injustice, his research focuses on how technologies can promote environmental and social sustainability. His current work focuses on the design of technology for empowering gig economy couriers. 

Airi Lampinen is an Associate Professor in Human-Computer Interaction at Stockholm University in Sweden and a Docent in Social Psychology at the University of Helsinki in Finland. She has studied interpersonal dynamics in peer-to-peer exchange extensively. Her ongoing research focuses on interpersonal challenges in sharing economies and alternative, member-driven peer-to-peer initiatives.

Ann Light is Professor of Design and Creative Technology at the University of Sussex (UK) and Professor at Malmo University (Sweden). She specializes in the social impact of technology, and particularly the deployment of platforms. Her design work concerns innovation in social process, social justice and sustainability, researched using participatory methods.

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