Sharing and Cooperativism in Albania: Perspectives of a Post-Communist CountryAlba Demneri Kruja, Geri Ruci
Designing Community Self-Governance with CommunityRuleNathan Schneider
Does Sharing Lead to Smarter Products? Managing Information Flows for Collective ServitizationThomas A. Weber
Annotated portfolios for market design in the sharing economyJustin Larner
Designing Solidarity-driven Sharing Economy PlatformsVasileios Ntouros
The role of workspaces in infrastructuring remote work: use of coffee shops for bringing back the local  Andrea Alarcon
Opportunities and Risks of the Digital Sharing Economy for SustainabilityMaria J. Puori
Enter the Stack: Viable Systems Design for a New Era of Collective IntelligencesDavid Crombie, Revathi Kollegala, Soenke Zehle
Karrot: a case-study of a digital tool that supports grassroots-movements in saving and sharing resourcesPhilip Engelbutzeder, Nick Sellen, Bruno Chies
Platform cooperatives: designing for social markets?Vera Vidal
A Fair(er) Share for All? Digital Platform Governance in the Sharing Economy EraDavid Jamieson, Rob Wilson
The Complementary Currency of CommonfarePeter Lyle, Maurizio Teli, Mariacristina Sciannamblo
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